Martian Aptos & Sui Wallet Extension

Explore Martian Wallet, the self-custodial crypto wallet extension for Aptos & Sui blockchains. Buy, send, swap, stake seamlessly.



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Discover Martian Aptos & Sui Wallet Extension, the self-custodial crypto wallet designed specifically for Aptos & Sui blockchains. Seamlessly buy, send, swap, and stake cryptocurrencies within the vibrant Aptos & Sui ecosystem. With unparalleled safety and security measures, your assets are protected with encrypted mnemonic seed phrases that are never stored on any server. Expand your web3 experience by exploring DApps, tracking transactions, and even sending/receiving coins and NFTs on social platforms. Don't miss out on this feature-rich and secure wallet solution tailored for Aptos & Sui Blockchain.

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