Martian Aptos & Sui Wallet Extension

Explore Martian Wallet, a self-custodial web3 wallet for Sui and Aptos blockchains, allowing seamless access, transfers, NFT management and dApp development.



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Discover Martian Wallet, the trusted self-custodial web3 wallet for the Sui and Aptos blockchains. With Martian Wallet, you can safely explore the vibrant Sui ecosystem and experience the power of the Move ecosystem. Create and import wallets, effortlessly deposit and transfer coins, manage NFTs, and even develop basic dApps on Sui and Aptos, all within the secure and intuitive Martian Wallet extension. With safety and security at its core, your mnemonic seed phrases are encrypted and never stored on any server, ensuring a secure and informed experience. Join the future of self-custodial digital asset management with Martian Wallet for Sui and Aptos.

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