EasySell COD Form & Upsells

Streamline cash payments with a COD order form, and boost conversion rates and sales with upsells and discounts.



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EasySell COD Form & Upsells is a Shopify app that simplifies the cash payment process for customers by replacing the default checkout with a tailor-made Cash on Delivery (COD) order form. The app allows you to add a customizable COD order form to your store and offers features such as quantity offers, discounts, downsells, post-purchase upsells, and one-tick upsells to boost your conversion rate and average order value. It also provides options to export orders automatically to Google Sheets, verify phone numbers through SMS/OTP, block IP addresses, limit postal codes, and track events with various tracking pixels including Facebook, TikTok, Google, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

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